Clean and Clear “ Go on Girl”

———— Campaign VDO ————





———— BACKGROUND ————

Both Governments and Private sector are concerned about the misperception among teen. After they found the illegal hunger suppressant sibutramine in the pills, which are sold widely online and at some drug stores, and have been endorsed by celebrities, bloggers, and other “real users”.

———— Stragtegy ————

“Real user is the real influencer”

Being a small brand within the massive market, Brand has to smartly select the most trusted and most effective way in communications in order to create shortcut to success.

To enter the hearts of youths, peers are the most trusted sources of beauty beyond net idols that are questionable in terms of credibility.

Providing an opportunity of real user to be at the forefront of the social world, and expanding each individual cult to become brand users and eventually ambassador.

———— RESULT ————

The success of the campaigns can be seen in the sales of Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Wash. Highest off take sales value over two consecutive months in the company’s history, as +15.6% increase in value sales. This is well ahead of the rinse-off category in general, with growth at 7%. Importantly, the entire campaign was completed within the media budget of 15,000 US Dollars.
Clean and Clear Facebook Fan page has the highest followers +15% over 393,370 fans within campaign period
Search volume for brand-related content increased by 9%

Facebook Fan page has over 4 million Views for every program related with the Campaign.
The Live broadcast of an event has the highest rating with the viewers over 90,000 views.

Most important, “Clean & Clear” had proudly produced Thailand’s over 400,000 new micro-Influencers with the trustworthy personality and righteous mindset for the future of the country.
Beyond numeric numbers, C&C created new norm for young teenagers to recognize the POWER OF CONFIDENCE WITHIN THEMSELVES, everyone can be famous by being your own idols