The Cultural Agency: Initiative Thailand

At Initiative, we built for brand relevance with a bias for Cultural VelocityTM, the speed at which a brand gets diffused through culture to build relevance and drive incremental growth.

We believe the brands that succeed must move and adjust with consumers at speed, showcasing consumer’s relevance and meaningfully contribute to consumer lives. And we have five pathways to make cultural ideas move.
Cultural Proximity, Cultural Spotlights, Cultural Agitation, Cultural Collisions and Cultural Contributors

Cultural Proximity : KFC Kai Jai Ded
Increasing the relevance of a brand by demonstrating hyper-local knowledge and understanding.
Using data to power personal or subcultural specific passions, that shows understanding and cultural embeddedness that the brand gets and represents the community.

Cultural Spotlights : SB Furniture
Shining a light on an important issue that does not get much attention and bringing it to the fore.
Something that may not be that surprising but impacts lots of people and highlights its importance or value.

Cultural Agitation : The North Face
Challenging the status quo and associating the brand with a polarizing issue or a person.
Driving conversation and attention by stirring the pot and asking the audience to pick a side.

Cultural Collisions : Uber Eats
Pairing two things that aren’t usually seen together to create surprise and excitement.
Bringing together unexpected elements or juxtaposing disparate things.

Cultural Contributors : Volvo The E.V.A. Initiative
Providing open access to information, resources, and tools, with the goal of enacting positive, meaningful cultural change.
Encouraging others to participate by making it easier for them to do so.

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