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Media Agency Association of Thailand Projects 2022 Thailand Media Industry Expenditure is on its Positive Recovery between 2.1% to 5% Depends on the Level of Daily Infections and Russia-Ukraine Conflict

This year’s Tharaputh Charuvatana, Ph.D, President of Media Agency Association of Thailand (MAAT) states the positive trend of 2022 industry media expenditure even the Covid-19 Omicron pandemic and  Russian invasion of Ukraine. The project of this year’s market spending may be varied depends on the situations between 2.1% to 5% “The total industry media expenditure in 2021 was at +1.1% led by health business, consumer and household products, and electric appliances. The growth continues in 2022 particular on business that serves the shift of the consumers’ behaviors that prefer to ‘in-home-consumption’ and be ‘Health categories, while online channels are the most ‘go-to’ amongst all the media channels. The business sector that will still on its high includes non-alcohol beverages, retail shops and stores, vitamin and supplementary, oral products, and websites & applications.


As for ADEX in 2022, the growth will largely depend on the level of new Omicron infection case per day, these are the 3 scenario-projections as following:

  • Level 1 if the maximum number of infections is 11,000 per day. Ad market overview, will likely grow up to 5%
  • Level 2 if the maximum number of infections is 17,000 people per day. Ad market overview, the Growth will be reduced to +4%.
  • Level 3 if the maximum number of infections is 32,000 people per day. Ad market overview, the Growth is reduced to +3%.

Another important indicator is the war in Ukraine which, if extended, will directly affect the oil prices and consumer goods to go higher – MAAT views it as the Worst Scenario. However, the overall ad spend market will remain positive, but growth will decline to +2.1%. An out-of-home media will possibly grow the most as traveling become more common act. As are more traveling, people are still must be very careful by wearing mask and strictly comply with government preventive measures. Lastly, an online platform continues to grow, although not as much as last year, the growth can be accounted by 10.2%.

Lastly, the total media market inflation in 2022 will be 5%, with TV approximately +6.39% inflation and out-of-home +3%, while other media will have no inflation except media. Publications to -5%.

Tharaputh Charuvatana, Ph.D, President, Media Agency Association of Thailand  added “We have passed the period from the Covid-19 situation and entered the 3rd year. The severity of the omicron variant of COVID-19 has become less common for people who have received three or more doses of vaccination. However, tourists still travel to the country more under the strict measures of the government. Currently, the main factor directly affecting the business is the war situation between Russia, Ukraine, and other countries. Therefore, the most important thing we can do is to support and promote domestic tourism and goods while the Marketers may to be agile and adaptive according to the current situation and we must believe that we can get through the tough time together.”

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