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Thought Leadership Webinar In the Topic of ‘2022 Thailand’s Emerging Consumer Cultures'

Initiative Thailand recently held another outbreaking Thought Leadership Webinar under the topic of ‘2022 Thailand’s Emerging Consumer Cultures’. The webinar discussed about the 8 Thai cultures that have emerged and opportunities for brands to tackle today’s customers with the appropriate strategic approach while maximizing the effectiveness upon budget allocation.

Initiative Thailand is a sole agency in the country who pioneers the ‘Cultural Velocity’ approach, a genuine client’s partner and yet incorporate advanced and today’s most updated data and tools to solidify our unique working scheme. With its expertise led to many successful business cases and awarded with most prestigious awards across the globe.

A short video of the webinar

There are newly found 8 cultures in 2022 consisting of The Awakener, The Micro Learner, Hometown Colonizer, The Mental Health Striver, The Good Activist, The Authenticity Craver, The TT Demander and The Bubble Shopper.

For further information or how Initiative Thailand leads the industry while keep national and international’s leading brands to the consumer’s choice please contact: [email protected]


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