The Magic of Bubbles: Johnson’s Baby – Thailand’s 1st 4D Experience

  • Objectives:

With the global launch of Johnson & Johnson’s So Much More campaign, we aimed to raise awareness of the brand’s Head-to-Toe bath collection with the hardworking moms of Thailand by reinforcing the benefits of bath time including the stimulation of senses for healthy infant development through an unforgettable, interactive experience.

  • Insight:

Being a parent is tough work. All those sleepless nights, numerous late feedings and constantly having to be “on” leaves parents more focused on the routine of things while forgetting the rewarding leisure time they can have with their little one. Add that to the demanding work culture of Thailand where 87% of moms are employed as opposed to stay-at-home parents and it becomes very easy for moms to overlook the many benefits bath time can bring to the development of their child.

So Johnson & Johnson had something important to say to the hardworking mothers of Thailand; bath time is So Much More than a tas It’s a time for bonding, a chance for baby’s healthy development and most importantly, an excuse to have fun and discover, together.

  • Strategy:

To remind moms of just how fun and enjoyable bath time can be we took the experience out of the tub and to the big screen; an interactive, outdoor screen that is. Creating Thailand’s first ever Baby Bubble LED, we reminded parents of how bubbles can help with hand-eye coordination, not just for baby but for them as well.

Featuring Johnson & Johnson’s So Much More video ad we took the bubbles from the digital billboard screen and gave them life, lifting parents’ heads away from their mobile phones and toward the experience.

With so many parents believing that bath time is just a time to clean their bundle of joy, the 4D billboard helped reinforce Johnson & Johnson’s key message of So Much More. In addition to the coordination benefits of bubbles, the interactive campaign helped educate parents across every communication touch point, informing them of the fact that babies bathed with scented washes develop more engagement cues with their parents, splashing in the water teaches infants the relationship of cause-and-effect, skin-to-skin contact during and after a bath increase alertness and attentiveness, baby’s sleep quality, and more.

  • Execution:

To bring everything to life we placed bubble dispenser machines on top of Thailand’s largest digital billboard located at Bangkok’s busiest shopping center, Siam Square One. Fully equipped with a sensor, the release of the bubbles was perfectly in-sync with Johnson & Johnson’s commercial slot.

As Johnson & Johnson scented bubbles transcended the 2D screen and entered the 4D world, parents and children alike had a blast playing with and popping the many soap spuds around them—even documenting the experience with photos and videos.

To personalize the interactive experience we then invited parents to share photos of their little one on social media for a chance to have their baby featured on the large experiential screen.

The interactive experience was paired with a full-fledged global campaign, reinforcing the So much More message across mediums transcending digital and traditional channels. The campaign drove home the benefits of bath time through

  • The Results:

Overall, the experience made a huge splash amongst the moms of Thailand; reaching an estimated 5.4 million eyeballs, an unprecedented earned media value of 15.9 million and skyrocketing past the previous year’s sales by 11%—the highest marker in three years!

So Johnson & Johnson had something important to say to the hardworking parents of Thailand; bath time is So Much More than a task or chore. It’s a time for bonding, a chance for healthy development and most importantly, an excuse to have fun.