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Koncept Furniture ”Till I Found You”

———— INSIGHT ————

Koncept Furniture is a fighting brand of SB and aimed to target younger target audiences, the target of which has spent on average 10 hours per day online (Source : ETDA, 2018).

Besides, when it comes to furniture, a research by Google on digital consumer journey for furniture stated that 63% of online purchasers visited several brand sites and quickly made their decision to buy.

We need to run search marketing campaign to capture these millennials’ attention, bringing up Koncept in their brand consideration set so to finally turn them to bring business to brand.


Customized content while using Google’s target set-up on SEM to meet with different needs of target.

A one-size-fits-all strategy is not applicable to consumers nowadays. Present online environment has therefore re-invented advertising into a powerful, integrated, high-integrity advertising solution which enable us to reach the most targeted and responsive audiences online.

We can reach these group of audiences with demand to purchase, use the most comprehensive data to track the result, some special technique of target setting, whether to include or exclude prospects, then optimize, re-target until we can effectively reach out to potential purchasers.

———— STRATEGY ————

Different consumers have different needs, especially when it comes to buying online, therefore, sophisticated targeting method is considered important to capture target to interest , research and finally buy products or become loyal to brands.

———— EXECUTION ————

Mindful on search opportunities via

• Prepare ad group tailored to suit each preference, not only brand but also brand product ad group. This helped on ad relevancy and drive quality target and ad quality score
• Provide 7-8 ad texts for google machine learning to test and serve the right ad text to the right audience
• Design ad text for each ad group – brand generic, promotion, new products with attractive promotion
• After all, RLSA or Remarketing Lists for Search Ad will be implemented to reach out to potential prospects. The system will optimize the message to the right audience giving the best performance.
• Due to client still focused on traffic and revenue together then our optimization mechanic is enhanced CPC to tell machine that we focus both of traffic and revenue. So we’ll balance both of them and we can sure that all clicks will be a quality.


• We activate non-last click attribution which is multi-touch as linear to let machine learn journey of consumer searching before they finished transaction.


• Additionally, we put google customer match in adwords to use first party customer data to reach more searchers. Google system has the best ability to serve ads to match the data, ie. Email , phone number to searchers.


  • Improve quality search with ad extensions – callout extension, call extension, promotion extension, sitelink extension (to allow convenience for searchers to drive traffic to specific need, ie. Bed, sofa page)


———— RESULT ————

How the campaign succeeded in achieving the objectives with inclusion of the business impact and response rate. It also can be any change on the consumer behavior- measurable change in awareness, perceptions, attitudes or response achieved.

• The highest traffic during 12 month period from March 2017 to March 2018, resulting in 62% growth in March 2018 VS March 2017 (Source : similarweb)
• Traffic growth : 347% from paid search compared during the same period vs last year (Source : Google Analytic)
• Sales increase 60% vs last year




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