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IPG Mediabrands Thailand: The First Network Agency to Launch the First-Ever End-to-End Mediabrands-Dynamic Content Optimization (MB-DCO)

The online solution to drive business growth by delivering personalized content at the velocity of purchasing decisions.

IPG Mediabrands, Thailand’s leading media network, announced its launch of “Mediabrands-Dynamic Content Optimization (MB-DCO)”. The never-before solution will revolutionize the online content and media platform using “Dynamic ad Server” and “Matterkind Programmatic” to leverage data stack in content models and turn into dynamic ads that escort personalized purchasing journeys.

Unlike a common retargeting DCO, MB-DCO activates with the source of business growth identification, pulling in dynamic data feeds including AI and Machine Learning, ads can be optimized according to the data of existing journeys and behaviors of target audiences. MB-DCO personalizes online ads in real-time, allowing brands to make a more precise and right-to-the-point customer journey and ultimately for more revenue streams and KPIs.

Khun Sora Kaitkanarat, Chief Strategy Officer of IPG Mediabrands Thailand, said, “As leading turnkey media network and marketing solution provider, we take the changing world at a fast pace seriously. We understand the agility of today’s situation. After the pandemic, we have seen some industries starting to revive, but some remain only their names. Consumers are more conscious of their consumptions. Hence, brands need to be one step ahead to ensure futureproofed success. Brands that can prevail competition in the age of digitized consumers need to not only grab the audience’s attention but also escort their purchasing journey. Our MB-DCO solution plugs in the exclusive digital content to serve individual moments of the journey for each consumer’s most relevant commercial content they engage”.

Khun Sora continued, “MB-DCO seizes the resiliency, utilizes a bucket of data to identify the source of growth, optimize target audiences, and personalizes the message at scale to align with the consumer. In an entrepreneurial view, the tailor-made message by MB-DCO reaches the right person in the right place, at the right moment of their decision journey.

“Our MB-DCO will help drive the client’s business. As per the second half of 2020, online ads will be one of the most efficient and most effective channels for both brands and consumers. MB-DCO engages consumers in a way that creates stickiness and accelerates business growth at the velocity of changing consumers.”


Khun Patkwan Ponpunnarut, Strategy Director of IPG Mediabrands Thailand, additionally talked about MB-DCO, “In the past, the existing consumer segments were not distinctive enough to translate directly to digital platforms. Because of that, MB-DCO was designed to migrate Psychographic with Data and Technology. MB-DCO starts its functions by building audience segments from data and insights. Next, it identifies contextual environments that the audiences are engaged in. MB-DCO then selects triggers, forges partnership, and create numerous creative templates. The results are versatile, dynamic ads in displays, VDOs, and audios, which are implemented with resiliency, matching fast-changing trends, and consumer behaviors. MB-DCO is more than just a common DCO. MB-DCO is truly about comprehensive personalization, achieved by aligning both creative & media with individual consumers to design & activate holistic addressable strategies”.

All functions of MB-DCO come from harmonious work among teams in the subsidiaries of IPG Mediabrands: Initiative, UM, Matterkind, Reprise, and Ensemble offering through Initiative as “Initiative Dynamic Content Optimization” (IDCO), and through UM as Addressable Content Engine (ACE), to enable the brands to deeply connect with consumers, increase active awareness, and turn leads to buyers. The new era of personalized communications in the disruptive digital world under the MB-DCO solution is now available.

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    About IPG Mediabrands

    IPG Mediabrands Thailand is under Mediabrands, the media and marketing solutions division of the Interpublic Group (NYSE: IPG). IPG Mediabrands manages approximately $39 billion in marketing investment globally. The company employs more than 12,000 marketing communication professionals in more than 130 countries. For more information, please visit www.ipgmediabrands.com.


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