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Campaign : Brands Gen U think Fast get Free


———— Brand’s Gen U THINK FAST-GET FREE ————


—————————— Campaign TVC ——————————-


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Gen U 2

Gen U 1


———————————— RESULT ——————————————-

The campaign was set to start from 9 am to 8 pm daily with set number of 100 winners per day. To our delight, the daily quotas were filled by 10 am each day!

Throughout the campaign, there were almost 300,000 ENTRIES who answered ALL 4 questions correctly under 40 seconds. The KPI set for this campaign was only 100k completions.
The game was played over 350,000 times! On average, each player played 4 times. Compared to Facebook link ads, this campaign led to 457% increase in clicks and 85% of Facebook comments were positive. Total engagement was 1,286,047 – an increase of 16% from benchmark of 5%. The engagement of the campaign is more than 1.3 million within a month while the total views of the campaign is 12.5 million.

To top it off, this campaign was the best ever done for Gen-U in terms of bringing up the market share, brand recall, message recall, and most of all, consumers recalling the benefit of fast thinking from this tonic drink.

———————————— Consumer’s Voice —————————-

Gen U Digital


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