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IPG Mediabrands Thailand Strategy and Innovation Team

1: Strategy Director

  • Scope of work
    • Lead brand communication strategy and connection strategy for leading clients both local and international
    • Encapsulate strategic thinking for cross functional teams including, media, digital, content, social, ,activation and data intelligence
    • Strengthen strategic thinking culture and coaching related teammates
    • Be client thinking partner for communication-led business solutions.
  • Qualification:
    • Over 10 years of holistic experience in strategic planning in advertising arena
      • Experience in creative agency or digital content agency is a plus
    • Thoroughly knowledge of consumer research in both qualitative and quantitative
    • Sound intuitive skills and be able to simplify issues: research data, brand strategies, creative briefs etc.
    • Good understanding of media in both traditional and digital and be able to maximize total content strategy.
    • Ability to establish and maintain positive relationship with clients, understanding their business and needs.
    • Have good interpersonal skill
    • Digital and technology incline
    • Good understanding of data interpretation
    • Excellent presentation and persuasion skills in both English and Thai

2: Strategic Planning Manager

  • Scope of work
    • To support Strategy Director in two key areas;
      • Developing communication and connection strategy
      • Championing consumers, be an insight identifier
      • In addition; be a consultant for media partner
  • Qualification:
    • 5-8 years of experience in advertising communications field, preferably strategic planning
    • Ability to formulate holistic communication solutions.
    • Good understanding of consumer research in both qualitative and quantitative
    • Keen understanding of media in both traditional and digital
    • Ability to conceptualize idea
    • Good interpersonal skill
    • Strong presentation skill in both English and Thai

3: Strategic Planner

  • Scope:
    • To support strategy director or manager in following areas;
      • 1: Data and research analysis
      • 2: Develop research framework and methodology along with hypothesis
      • 3: Develop communication concept
  • Qualification
    • + 2-5 years of experience in (communication) strategic planning from advertising agency or related field.
    • + Good analytical skill in both quantitative and qualitative
    • + Ability to conceptualize idea into workable concept
    • + Good understanding in insight and approach to identify insight
    • + Self-motivated, and passionate in pursuing best communication solutions for client.
    • + Digital incline
    • + Good interpersonal skill in both English and Thai with strong presentation skill
    • + Good understanding of communication, media and digital

Interested candidates kindly send your CV to the email below:
[email protected]

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